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Sunday, 10 February 2013

MagicRAR Studio Free Download Software

MagicRAR Studio 8.11
Download MagicRAR Studio Free Software

MagicRAR Studio 8.11 Build 4.1.2013.8364

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* Shell Namespace Extension Technology:
So Easy it Feels Like Magic!
* Find Smallest Archive:
Benchmark Compression Algorithms
* Designed for SSDs:
Process Multiple Archives Simultaneously
* Transparent Full Disk Compression:
Full Live Access to Your Data
* Intelligent "Extract to Subfolder"
Skips Unneeded Folder Creation
* Plug-In Extensible:
Add Support for New Archive Types
* Outlook Add-In:
Transparent E-mail Attachment Compression 1
* Browse Windows XP Mode Files:
Navigate and Copy Files from Windows XP Mode Folders
* VMware/Virtual PC Hard Disks:
Browse Inside VMDK and VHD Files without Pre-Mounting
* Unified 32-64 Bit Installer:
Automatically Install the Correct Files for Your OS
* Recursive Extract:
Extract Multiple Nested Archives in a Single Pass


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