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Friday, 14 June 2013

Project IGI 3 Free Download PC Game

Project IGI 3
This free PC game is perhaps one of the best PC games regarding shooting and one can download PC games for unlimited hours of shooting spree without getting bored. Download game to enjoy amazing graphics and sound.

Project I.G.I. Or I'm going In as it is popularly known was first released in Europe as Project I.G.I. This shooting game was developed by Innerloop Studios and was officially released on 15th December 2000. This game proves to be the home of realistic weaponry and some extremely dire combat situations. This game was also criticized to be poorly programmed upon its release as it did not have a saving option during the mid of the game. Also it lacked multiplayer features. However the sounds and graphics added a touch of real life into the game. This game was soon followed by IGI 2 Covert Strike due to its popularity.

The game features diverse and larger than life characters the description of whom is as follows.
David Llewellyn Jones is an agent for Institute for Geo tactical Intelligence and also happens to be a former British SAS operator. He is the main character. Rebecca Anya directs Jones using a radio and works as a contact at headquarters. She appears to defuse the bomb in the last mission. Jach Priboi appears as a Soviet Arms Dealer. Josef Priboi is Jach's Nephew. Ekk is a Russian woman who has a heart to destroy Europe by nuclear warfare. Captain Harrison is seen as the commander of allied troops, who helps Jones in some missions.

Game play:
Priobi is believed to have knowledge about a stolen nuclear warhead and Jones is sent to him. Captain Harrison confronts Priobi with Jones’s help and found out that Priobi’s uncle Jach is the mastermind of the plan. Jach’s location is tracked by placing a virus in his communication system. While Jach was captured, his helicopter was shot down by Ekk. And later, Jones tried to track down Ekk who escapes her first encounter with Jach. 

Some cheat codes:
Enter these codes during game play after typing ''nada'' at the main menu.
Easy Mode:             easy
God Mode for Player and Team:      all god
Kill Enemies:             ewww
Unlimited Ammo:         allammo

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