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Friday, 14 June 2013

Underground mining simulator

Underground mining simulator
Download Underground mining simulator PC Full Version Game

This free PC game is perhaps one of the only PC games that is about mining expeditions. You can download PC games to challenge your mining skills. Download game is a simple process.

The career mode of this game has over 20 missions of mining expedition. You can start as a trainee and reach the level of a mining magnate with this larger than life simulation expedition. You can dig deeper and deeper still in order to master the role of an expert miner in the underground mining simulator. You can explore a number of metals and minerals like coal, iron, gold and salt and many other precious extractions. Mining the seams will require explosives and drilling equipments. You will have a collection of drills and other mining gadgets. In order to take the fruit of the mining process to the surface above the ground you have bulldozers and side loaders at your disposal. 

The game features underground space and requires you to enhance in your career as a miner as you go deeper under the ground on your expeditions. You can maneuver along mines, wearing helmets tilling and going deeper while taking your spoils back to the surface once the excavation is complete. In order to help you all along the journey, you will be given latest mining tools and vehicles to make your task easier in nature while you are able to mine a diverse range of minerals.

Game play:
Playing the game Underground Mining Simulator" you can now possess the ability to experience first hand work of a miner in reality. Taking full advantage of the mine train that is provided you delve deeper into one of the four mines. Whether coal or iron ore, salt, or even gold, whatever the mineral is you can climb the mobile drilling vehicle and prepare the blow up the entire mine in order to get the fruit of your excavation. All you need to do is fill up a whole with explosives and then run for shelter before the blasts are triggered by a detonator. You can then use the wheel loader and transport the rocks above the surface and take them to the loading station.

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