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Friday, 14 June 2013

Resident Evil: Survivor PC Game

Resident Evil: Survivor
Resident Evil: Survivor is a very interesting game that takes game play and gaming as a hobby to a whole new level. The players can enjoy the best of gaming while playing this free pc game. Resident Evil: Survivor is one of the initial versions of this game that gave this whole thing the popularity it enjoys today.

Resident Evil: Survivor is a light gun shooter video game. This was initially developed by Capcom for PlayStation but later also became available for personal computers too. This game takes a step back from the usual Resident Evil style of third person view and gives the player a first person's vision of the entire thing and all that goes on in front of them. Again the setting is Racoon city where a plane crash and so the player has to survive. In order to encounter and fight off the enemy, players are only given a single gun so things are not the easiest in this version.

The weapons in this particular version are quite limited as compared to the other versions. Also, since you get the first person's vision on everything it is kind of hard to keep track of things. The graphics are alright and so is the sound. This game will possibly not be able to woo you much at first glance but hey we have all seen worse right? 

Game play:
The game play is actually very interesting. The protagonist is amnesiac and so needs to uncover and unveil his identity. So while that is the back story, right there and then too we see that the player has to take care of a lot of things, such as survival. The player has the eyes of the character, so you are basically looking through the character’s eyes and have his perspective on things. However, when the time or need comes to shoot an enemy or destroy something, they can take care of it all through a crosshair on the screen, by pressing a button.

There are a lot of cool things that you can do through a bit of wisdom or preparation. For instance if you want to unlock the rocket launcher, you need to finish the game with an ‘S’ ranking on normal difficulty and then you will save the game. When you start a new one, the miracle would have already been performed. Similarly there are ways to become invincible too, you just need to have the eyes to see it.  

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