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Friday, 14 June 2013

Resident Evil Game 1996

Resident Evil Game 1996
Resident Evil 1996 or Resident Evil 1 was the very first instalment of the series that is one of the leading video games out there in all pc games. Resident Evil has truly worked its way up through continuous improvement and development.

Capcom developed the first version of Resident Evil in 1996. Resident Evil 1 is a survival hero video game. This first installment introduces the protagonists of this video Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. These two are the members of this elite task force which is known as S.T.A.R.S. The setting of the game is Racoon city. The player has to select one of these two characters in the beginning to be their hero throughout the game and carry out the mission in the above mentioned setting. The real horror in this game arrives when the team finds itself trapped in this mansion which is infested by none other than a pack of zombies.

This game does not have the kind of graphics and music that we have on the newer versions. However, it is still quite decent for a game developed in 1996. The colors and the quality of the picture is only alright and the effects are not exactly mind blowing either. The guns and weapons provided also won’t seem like much if you compare them to today’s Resident Evil.

Game play:
S.T.A.R.S is the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, and the protagonists belong to this squad. To be more accurate, they belong to the Alpha team. This team is trapped in this place that is crawling with mutated, dangerous zombies or zombie-like creatures. The player is met with various tasks that they have to accomplish in order to solve certain puzzles and mysteries that are rooted deep in that creepy mansion. And to prevent being killed by the enemies during the mission, the player may arm their character with guns and other weapons.

Download game and play all you want, but there comes a point when the player s bound to get tired of all the regular tasks. To spice up your gaming experience, certain cheats and tricks are given below.
-    In order to unlock the easy advanced mode, go to the menu, open a new game, and then find advanced difficulty and click it. This other than making advanced mode easier would give your character new clothes and would double the ammunition you have, making everything a whole lot easier.
-    If you want the emblems removed from the doom books, you should look at the books, examine them, and turn them on their side with their pages towards you. To open the books press X and the emblems can also be retrieved. 
Resident Evil Game
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