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Friday, 14 June 2013

Resident Evil: Outbreak Dilogy Free Download Full Version PC Game

Resident Evil: Outbreak Dilogy
Resident Evil Outbreak is an action/adventure video game that can be played online on PlayStation 2.  This game was initially released by Capcom Productions in 2003. This was the game that started the whole Resident Evil fandom madness.

Resident Evil today has its royal status in the gaming world hidden from no one. And all of this fame, the series owes to the first ever instalment which was called ‘Resident Evil: Outbreak DIlogy’. This was the first ever game that took the whole gaming business to a new level. Online Multiplayer support was also only offered by Resident Evil initially as was cooperative gameplay. Survival or horror based video games were taken one step higher with this game that later also came out as a free pc game. Now you can simply download games for free and play for as long as you want.

The features on these pc games are good but not as good as the Resident Evil of today. The effects are nevertheless appreciable. Internet connectivity is available. The player can connect by using internet connection, broadband, and a network adapter.

While playing Resident Evil Outbreak, the player has to initially select three things, a character, the difficulty level and a scenario. Once this is done the game can now begin. According to the difficulty level you chose, you get to face different challenges along the way. Your enemies, your weapons, the situation you are met with all depend on the level of difficulty. To reach full completion there are a number of events that the player has to go through first. And in the five scenarios that are given in the game, these events appear differently in each.

Resident Evil, being the popular video game it is, has an endless list of cheats. When we say cheats we don’t exactly mean cheating the system but simply adopting ways that are already acceptable. As in, all of the things that have been already carved out but are waiting for people to reach them. These are not the usual paths that the player would take, but it is already a part of the programming that if the player takes it, things will turn out alright. So for Resident Evil too there are a lot of pseudo-cheat ways that can be taken to make the whole experience more exciting.

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