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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Company of Heroes 2 Free Download Full Version Game

Company of Heroes 2
Free Download Company of Heroes 2 Full Version PC Game
Company of Heroes 2 Digital Collectors Edition
English | Platform: PC | 2013 | Publisher: SEGA | Developer: Relic Entertainment | 8.27 GB
Genre: RTS

Company of Heroes 2 system requirements:
CPU: 2.6 GHz quad core processor, 
Intel Core i5 or AMD FX-8000 series
Graphics: DirectX 11 card with 512 MB of RAM
Nvidia 400 series or AMD 5000 series
Operating system: Windows 7
DirectX audio card
12 GB of hard disk space

- Run the Setup.exe
(Only the installer is foreigners)
- Must follow the instructions camel
(A redlist was pulled out of the torrent files are, so do not install it (see picture 1 below))
- Play

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